Bilbo and ip3c4c…


After attending DefCon 27 and listening to some inspiring talks at the Wireless Village, I obtained my HAM radio license in December 2019. I have also spent the last few months experimenting with various linux distro’s, in particular Pentoo, while learning about Radio Frequency and Wifi security. The past year has been an absolute hoot.

I also started to read about ethical hacking and penetration testing. I had never intended to head into this direction, since I had originally been more curious about learning about the ubiquitous radio waves in our surroundings. But if you think about wifi security as a line of defense, the next logical attack surface would be the underlying network structure. And those rabbit holes eventually led to The Cyber Mentor, aka TCM. Reddit posts and YouTube links ended up at his Udemy site. I really enjoyed his calm voice and thoughtfully assembled content. And he seemed like a really nice guy.

So I bought his Practical Ethical Hacking course.

Start Date

Bilbo Baggins started his great adventure under the wings of Gandalf. I may have found my own infosec “Gandalf”, or maybe not. Who knows. But if never try, you will never know. And sometimes, I just need to know.

I’m truly curious to see how this Adventure finishes.

Thanks for reading,