In The Beginning

Hi. I’m ip3c4c. Thanks for coming by. I realize reading someone’s biography is like having to sit through somebody else’s vacation photos. So I will cut to the chase.

My first computer was an Apple II+ and I have been hooked ever since. Armed with a soldering iron and some third party chips, I was able to expand my display to 80 columns and add upper/lower case characters (Videx). I taught myself Apple BASIC, read the DOS manual, and played a “few” video games.

Then my uncle gave me a 300 baud modem. 300 measly bits per second. But it immediately expanded my cohort from a few friends from the neighborhood, to the larger bulletin board community. I still remember when BBS accounts were not password protected!

University, a job, and other grown-up pursuits soon followed. I continued g33ky projects whenever possible, building gaming rigs and hosting LAMP web servers in my den, but time was limited.

Then in 2017, a friend suggested we attend DefCon 25. To say the experience changed me would be an understatement. The people I met and talks I attended have resulted in me joining the Electronic Frontier Foundation, obtaining my HAM radio license, and starting my first ethical hacking course (TCM’s PEH) in July 2020.

There are a few reasons I started this blog. But ultimately, I just wanted a place to share my thoughts and experiences as I begin my journey into infosec. It may be a fool’s errand, or it may change my life. Who knows, unless you try.

Thanks for stopping by.